Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy with my studies!

So the winter break is over and now I feel that I have a million things that I'm behind with!
So I decided that today is gonna be a BIG study day where I have to finish a big case study rapport by tomorrow and prepare for Thursday's social studies:-S.... a lot of reading involved there:-S

It was hard to start the week especially because I all ready know I'm gonna be busy the whole week.
So in order to cheer my self up I went down town and bought my self summit pretty;-p (earrings!) 

Look of the day...a bit lazy - no make up...but hey! at least I bothered to put some clothes on so I'm good;-P

I love my Babushka necklace

The sweater has zippers on both sleeves and metal beads as well:-)

The earrings have daisies in them.

The earring I've bought today:-) I'm gonna rock the flower ones to the left on Saturday on my big night out;-)

The study session:

Gucci's got my back! Don't even ask how much I have to read today!:-S  I'm SO tired!
Luckily there's always coffee..mmmm coffee...

I can always count on Gucci...she loves to help me study...(she sits on my books, walk on my school papers and demands my attention by barking and sighing)...at least she helps me take breaks:-D

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