Saturday, February 11, 2012


I got my first tatto when I was 16 years old. I furged my moms signature and did it with a friend without her knowledge:-)
It wasn't the right way to do it - I know, but I just always knew that I wanted to have tattoos.
After the first one it took me 10 years to get one more:-)
This time I got one at the sme time as my hubbie:-)

My first tatto is a little black cat on my right breast (very discreet)
And my new one is between my shoulderblades and is a chineese sign for "fighting spirit". 

I love tattos but I kinda want them in places so I can hide them if I want to. After all I got them done for my self and not for others.
Here are some pics of it:-)
lasses tatto took over 5 hours to make and he was sooo brave and just took it for the whole time:-)
The result is great!

Work in progres - Lasse in the chair of pain;-)

We spend the entire day in there!

Ready to start on the coloring now.'s not all glamour to get a tatto:-S
The result was soo worth it! A proud tattoo owner:-)
It's gonna get even cooler when it's finished:-)

Did I mention that the tattoo salon  is called "Needle of pain"?:-) haha...
Freshly done..look at my goosepumps! it hurt like hell!
I looove my new tattoo!
It took about a month to heal 100%
I am allready planning my new tattoo!:-D
I would really like to get a fairy/fantasy butterfly in pastel colours on my right side it the bikiniline:-)
Lasse is gonna get a 3/4 sleeve and build a whole theme around the robot.
I can't wait!


  1. I have the symbol for strength a little higher than yours. Aren't they lovely? I have many more. A couple wearing gas masks, kissing. It's awesome! A Tim burton style gate with a tree and flowers, and a humming bird with a tutu. A geisha and a little crooked cute haunted house with a sweet little jester child and my daughters signature. I love my tattoos and plan on getting more.

    1. That's so cool! I love bodyart and meaningful tattos:-)
      I too want more in the future - I've actually been looking at hummingbirds:-D
      The worst thing about tattoos is that they are so addicting:-D
      Thank you so much for sharing:-)



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