Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today is valentines day and we had the whole day to our selves because we have this week off:-)

We started the day with homemade blueberry cheesecake and a lovely cup of coffe - yummy!
Afterwards we had a lovely lunch at home with candles and a nicely arranged table.
After lunch I got a valentines letter from Lasse saying how much he loves me:-) He's so sweet!

We went out for dinner to our favorite chineese restaurant and when we came home Lasse lid the whole livvingroom in candles and attached some flying hearts from the ceiling:-) It was VERY romantic and so sweet of him:-)

For todays look I went for "sweet lolita meets urban nympf" - hope you like it:-)
The top is from Sarah Kelly and has 3 layers - the buttom layer is silk

The bolero has puffy shoulders - I like puffy shoulders!:-)
Still rocking the Picture perfect!
My "urban nymph" necklace with a butterfly a heart and a dove - very cute:-)
Happy valentine's day!:-)

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