Sunday, February 26, 2012

Evidence of spring!

Today we woke up to a beautiful weather!
The sun was shining, the birds were singing outside our bedroom window, there was no wind and the sky was as blue as ever! So naturally we decided to take the doggies to our favorite lake nearby.
We took some pictures that I thought could be fun to post gives a great picture of how danish nature is:-)
Hope you enjoy!

We feel very blessed to be living near such a beautiful landscape!

The kidz got a really long walk...they LOVED it!:-)

I went for a casual look today: Just some sweat pants a cardigan and my Hunter wellingtons:-)

A little break before we go on!

A little forest creek that goes all the way to the lake

Lasse took pictures as well - he has this great prof. camera so his pics are much better:-)

There is a little mole that goes out to the lake

Heather in winter (we have a lot of heather in DK)
Some baby heather - a sign that spring is here!

Ready to go home...the dogs were so tired in the end!

Spring love<3
It was a super fun trip and we got some really cool pictures.
The temperature was about 8 degrees (celcius) and the lake was booming with life!
Hope you had a great Sunday everyone!

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