Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to make a cool bracelet

I was at the hobby store today and stumbled across some cool leather cords in different colors.
I decided to buy some in pearly lavender and then some silver beads and a magnetic lock.
Here's how easy it is to make one yourself:

1. 1 meter of leather cord 5mm , 4 silver beads 5mm, 1 magnetic lock

2. Place the beads on the cord.

3. Glue both ends with some super glue (just a bit) and let it dry for a couple of minutes

This is how it looks when put on. I just wrap it around my wrist 5 times:-) You can always use another type of cord and beads:-)

Yay I'm very pleased with my new bracelet.
It's just a very cheap and creative way of getting something different and new.
I will try to post a video one day on some of my other bracelets that I 

I think it looks pretty cool:-)


  1. Bracelet looks great! How many inches apart do you place the beads? So that way they come out even like yours?

    1. Thank you so much<3
      About 4-5 inches apart but since they aren't fixated with anything you can easily just move them around on your wrist until you thing they look evenly spread to you own liking:-)



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