Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day 2012

This was our 8th valetine's day together:-)
We had the whole day to our selves and had the best time!

We had a cadle lid lunch at home and then I got a valentines letter from Lasse
Then in the evening I got yellow and purple tulips (my favorite) and we went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant.
Tulips are seriously my favorite flowers...and especially when they are in purple:-)

Lasse in the restaurant we went to.

When we came home Lasse lid the whole living room in candles and attached small hearts to the ceiling so they looked as if they were hoovering over our heads:-) cute!!!

Lasse in the middle of the hoovering hearts<3

It was actually a lot of fun to kiss in the middle of the hearts - it was like being in a cartoon or something with all those hearts:-D

It was  very nice evening:-)

So it was a pretty darn nice valentine's day for me:-)
I hope you all had a good one as well:-)

Our new lotus flower candle holders

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