Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look for the spring - urban nymph!

I love the look of an urban nymph!:-)
A romantic look with flowers and sexy feminine dresses accessorized with leather, cowboy boots and stuff like that.
It's a very casual though very pretty style that compliment the feminine side well.
You can blend this style with other styles as well!
Urban nymph blends well with: .
cowboy girl
With some cowboy boots and accessories this would work very well!

Lumber girl
Actually quite pretty!...maybe I should give it a try for spring

Hippie girl
Maxi dresses are hot again this year!

Shabby chick girl
I so need that jacket! (I just made a scarf like this one my self)

active wear girl
This cardigan is in various colors:-)

I have already been shopping for spring and here is what I have bought and what I plan to buy in the future:-)

This wig is Touchable Tease by Forever youg - SO urban nymph!
I think that this dress will work best with sun tanned skin and a lot of gold accessories:-)

This shirt is going to be nice with my new boots!

I have both the dress and the belt - I love this look it's so stylish!

I have this dress in offwhite. It's gorgeous! The back is longer than the front so your cool boots can show!

My new cowboy boots from brown suede:-)
It's a very romantic top!

This is the top I had on on valentin's day:-)
Remember to accessorize a lot this spring:-)

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