Saturday, February 25, 2012

Secondhand treasures!

So today we went shopping.
One of the coolest places that we went (and I love this store) was the big second hand store/mall that we have.
I love second hand/vintage stuff - it's good for the enviroment and it's cheap...and once in a while you can actually find some hidden treasures as well:-)

Last time we went treasure hunting at a second hand store we discovered a Burberry coat!!!..AND it was cheap too! ^^ so..yeah's defenently worth going there:-)
I'm very pleased with my purchases this tme as well - take a look:

This vest is from Zizi. It has a lovely brown suede texsture , a belt so you can adjust the fit and the cool fur in front..(all fake of course)'s lovely and you can't even tell that it is second hand! 

A girl can't have enough jackets! This beauty is from Dranella:-) The buttons are pearly and shine so it's a perfect party jacket for has a loose fit and looks really sexy open with a little top underneath! ...oh and it has flowers embroided in the back as well:-)..pretty!

It's crazy how sexy this top is! It has a little top underneath that you can't see on the picture. It has a cool belt, the sleeves fall on the sides giving the top a "butterfly"'s very feminin and it has a long crack (?) in the back so my tatto is showing in it....I think I'll be wearing this piece tonight!
So thats what I found this time and I'm quite happy with my purchases:)

Oh..and here's some pics of what I was wearing out shopping!

I love this's one of my favorites!

A casual yet stylish look! I fotograph horribly but I actually found my self looking quite good for once;-P

And now I will go and prepare my self for tonight! 
Were meeting up with some friends for a nice dinner at our favorite steakhouse and then we are going to see a stand up show with 3 of the most popular danish stand uppers so it's gonna be a great evening!:-D

Have a lovely weekend! 

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