Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stupid tiny jeans!

I think it's just one of those days for me where you just have had it!

 Yesterday I was cleaning my closet and found some old jeans that I used to wear a couple of years! I couldn't even fit my head in them if I tried! - that's how tiny they seem to me now! It's ridiculous!
So after feeling sorry for my self and hating the jeans I decided that I wanted a new goal for my weight loss:

To fit my ass in the stupid jeans again.....and let me tell you...there's a long way to that day:-S
So that's my new goal:-D

So that's the tiny jeans that I'm gonna try to fit in again

Look how tiny they are! Even my small Löwchen looks big in comparison. 

 Otherwise it's going okay...even though I'm out a lot I do drink the diet shakes and only eat regular dinner so that's something I'm proud of.

I've noticed that when I get cravings I can counter strike them with a cup of soup (you know, the powder kind that you just have to mix with hot water in a cup - it has only under 100 calories in one serving and I really think it's calories well spend because it does satisfy my cravings that could lead to over eating in the
I guess that it's always gonna suck being on a diet.
I just got to accept the crappyness and just roll with it until I can rock the tiny jeans again....

I'm gonna make a fresh "1 week weight loss update video" on Sunday so please tune in!

That's it for now...gonna go and make my self a cup of mushroom soup and do some home work;-)
Have a great day!

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