Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some beautiful pics from DK that Lasse has taken

Just some nice pics that Lasse has taken with his cam:-)
Denmark is quite beautiful when it's not raining:-P
Hope you like it:-)
Sunset from our window:-)
Panorama picture of Aalborg
The snow has fallen!
Snow landscape - it looks so pretty!
Panorama pic of Aalborg (4 largest city in DK)
A danish bird...hehe there was a cat in our birdhouse but the dogs chase it and the birds away!
A typical danish forest (we have a lot of green here in DK)
A family day at the city beach in Aalborg
Some real danish wildlife;-) hehe..some brave ducks at a park:-P
Since we have a lot of agroculture here we also have a lot of fields.
Joey and Gucci love chasing each other - we often take them out to run in the fields near by:-)
Some field flower that Lasse saw:-) Pretty!
First snow!!!
We also have many creeks in's one in Aalborg that we used to live nearby.
Sunset:-)...we like those:-D
In the back you see a great and big city park in Aalborg
More danish wildlife...this fellow flew in through the window and scared us half to death!
Snow fun with the kiddies at a valey:-)
Snow landscape.
SunRISE this time:-)...from a danish motorway.
A cute valley that we found:-)
An old tree in the park:-) Looks like from a fantasy world:-)
Some more trees:-)
A native:-)
This landscape is common in DK
Gucci and Joey in the garden:-)

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