Thursday, February 9, 2012

My dogs

So I wanted to write a bit about my two dogs - our surogat babies:-)

Meet Joey:
He's a very happy Lhasa Apso boy.
5 years young he likes to sleep a lot and preferably in a nice sun spot:-)

When not sleeping Joey likes to guard his garden from imposters (cats, birds, butterflies - pretty mutch everything that moves). 
He loves long walks and he loves people because they give him so mutch attention (he's a charmer).

As a breed the Lhasa Apso's are high maintenance dogs. Though they don't shed the coat must be brushed and cared for on a dayly basis.
Now that we have snow in Denmark we have problems with the snow knotting up in Joeys coat on his paws and tummy.

TIP: To help this matter we have turned up for the heat on our bathroom floor and simly leave him to "defrost" for about 10 minutes before we dry him. ;-)

We also have problems with him in the fall due to all the damn leaves on the ground! They get attached very easylie to his paws and tummy and it's a nightmare to get our sometimes.

TIP: To prevent this we trim Joey 2 times a year; in the spring and in the fall. He looks pretty stupid but he loves it! :-)

Me and Joey on a nice walk in the park in fall.

He was SO proud of that stick:-)
Here he is when trimmed - Sooo happy!:-)

The muddy lake creature emerges from the deep! :-)
In front Joeys cousin Ludwig and Joey is chasing him. We were on a nice picnic that day!
Isn't he the cutest?:-)

Meet Gucci:

Gucci is our beautiful little Löwchen girl:-)
She's 3 years old.
Gucci loves to play with us and Joey. She's a VERY hyper dog and loves to run and jump up and down the furniture:-)
She's kind of  the little sister that gets away with things.
Joey loves her and all but sometimes she just gets on his nerves.
She loves ALL of her chew toys and you can always find her where ever we are.
She really loves attention from us and she does all kinds of funny things to get it.

Gucci sleeping on the sofa

Besides her fun side she is also a very smart dog.
She can do tons of tricks and she is so smart that she even outsmarts us sometimes.

3 things that makes Gucci happy:
  • Us
  • her toys
  • food

Little Gucci with her ball

Sooo tired

Happy dog!:-)

Gucci and Joey

So here are our babies hehe:-)
We love them very mutch and they give us a lot of joy and happy moments:-)
We couldn't live without that's for sure!

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