Thursday, February 9, 2012

So here I go - my first blog!

Beautiful vinter landscape shot from our window
So the vinter has come to Denmark.
The temperatures has been as low as minus 20 degrees (celcius)!!!
Now that's cold even for us here in Scandinavia!

Luckely we have had a lot of sunshine in the day time.
We have been going out on long trips in the nature with the kiddies (dogs) almost every day and they just love it!
Since we live around a lot of forrest and parks we always have a place to let them run free and they realy enjoy running in the snow!

We took a lot of fun pictures of them last time we were out and I will put them up under "Kiddies" soon:-)

I LOVE snow...
Nothing is better than to come home after a fun day out in the snow and sit down under a warm blankie with a cup of tea og better yet hot chocolate! :-D


Taken in the summer

My name is Maja, I'm 28 years old.
I live in Dk in a small town in Jutland. 
I live in a small house with a big garden with my husband Lasse and our dogs Gucci and Joey:-)

Right now I study to become a social worker. I'm on 5th semester and have 3 left.

In this blog I will be writing about my everyday life - what I'm doing, my thoughts about stuff, I'll write about my dogs, my husband, my hobbies (wigs, fashion) about my life long diet (yes, I have treid them all), I'll write about our travels and about all kinds of stuff that I find interesting to share with you guys.
I'll propably will start to put up videos on youtube as well and I will link tem to this blog when I have done so.

Have a great weekend!!!

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